Why is this an ‘Interdisciplinary Philosophy’ Journal?

We believe that Philosophy is not the only discipline equipped to interface with philosophical ideas. That is why each issue of Contralytic aspires to a total work of art: that is, a carefully curated, interdisciplinary investigation of one overarching philosophical theme, within one design schema. It is Contralytic’s aim to contribute to contemporary Philosophy by helping generate philosophical insights from other mediums, methodologies, and perspectives, and in doing so, achieve a more unified vantage-point.  

Why is this a ‘journal’, as opposed to a ‘magazine’ ?

There is an academic flavour to the word ‘journal’, connoting a standard of scholastic style, rigor, and verification. This word also ties itself firmly to the purposes of the educational institutions in which journals have been established, in the service of preserving and promoting the output of scholarly knowledge. This is precisely what Contralytic intendeds to achieve with each issue’s investigation of a particular theme; whilst simultaneously presenting philosophical ideas in an accessible, engaging and inclusive manner to readers from all disciplinary backgrounds.